TCDC Representative

I have lived with my family in Thames since 1992, a few more years and I might be able to call myself a local.

I have been gradually getting more and more emersed in the Thames Arts scene over the last 5-10 years. This started innocently enough with me taking my son Maxwell along to a Thames Music & Drama audition and then rehearsals. As the production date loomed closer I was asked if I could help sell refreshments at half-time. On the opening night I duly turned up to be told one of the stage crew had been called away and I was needed back-stage. By the end of the first performance, actually by the end of the 1st Act, that was that, I was hooked.

Since then I have been involved in quite a number of MAD productions, in a variety of roles, such as: Stage crew, Lighting & Sound Technician, Set construction, Props, Special Effects, Actor, Singer (only in the chorus luckily), Committee member, Vice-President, Health & Safety Officer, Stage Manager, Technical Director and Producer.

The involvement with Thames MAD has also meant helping out with events such as the Steampunk Festival and also helping out at the Thames Civic Centre, which has exposed me to a wide variety of performances and hugely talented people as well as branching out into Sound & Lighting setup at other venues across Thames and the Coromandel.

And last year I ran and was elected as a Thames Councillor.

I was very pleased to be approached to join the Creative Coromandel team, and I’m looking forward to working with you to promote the Arts in our magical Coromandel Peninsula.

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