Thames Representative

Jessica Paton is a 27-year-old performing musician, artist, and passionate advocate for the future of the arts in the Coromandel district. As the front person of Slumbug, Jessica has toured Aotearoa, headlined festivals, and opened for some of the most reputable international acts. With a background in running gigs in both the Coromandel and Auckland, she is currently running an all-ages creative space for the community called The Green Room Aotearoa in Thames. In addition to managing the local music shop, Jessica is part of the To The Front crew, working with programmes aimed at fostering inclusivity in musical communities with the rangatahi. She teaches music locally to children, with a focus on guitar, ukulele, and drums. Jessica is excited and proud to be a representative for queer youth and hopes to continue to make a positive impact in her community.

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