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Friday 24th April

We’re now well into lockdown. As an organisation, we’ve been heads down on our mission to understand and address the impact of this very peculiar situation (COVID-19) for the people we serve – the artists of Aotearoa.



One thing is overwhelmingly clear. Artists need help. Whether it be community connection, financial support, or the opportunity to keep making and showcasing their art to audiences.



As many of you will know, Boosted is Aotearoa’s only crowdfunding platform dedicated to the arts – and has always been about brokering giving to artists, who in turn give back to us.


On Friday 24 April, we launched Boosted Live, a place where you can live stream your creative mahi (be it a reading, a ‘living room’ dance, a gig in your bedroom, or a showcase of your creative process) and be fairly remunerated for it. And if creatives just want to live stream (and not raise funds) they can simply choose a low target. If there are some arts organisations or artists that don’t need to raise funds, they might live stream to raise funds for others!


INTRODUCING THE ARTS FOUNDATION FUTURE FUND. To honour artists at this time, the Arts Foundation is bringing together a new fund to provide an extra leg-up for artists who front up, engage their crowd to support and show New Zealanders their work on Boosted.


Every Boosted project that reaches $1,000 will also receive an additional $1,000 from the Arts Foundation Future Fund. As if you needed another reason to rally your community around your mahi!


The Arts Foundation Future Fund is kicking off with $30,000 thanks to the generosity of the Arts Foundation community – and the aim is to get it to $50,000 by next Friday. That way, we can give artists confidence that at least 50 projects will receive a $1,000 koha. Over the next three months, while we’ll be encouraging New Zealanders to give to artists’ projects on Boosted, we’ll also give them the option to give to the fund. We’ve set a long-term target of $100,000 – aiming for 100 projects to receive a $1,000 top up if they raise $1,000 through their crowd.

Anyone who lists a project on Boosted while the fund is up and running. If you’ve been waiting for a moment to crowdfund, this is it.

Register your interest via email below.



To launch Boosted Live we’re breaking some of the rules and upping the ante for the next three months:


For the first time ever, we’re removing our Boosted ‘all or nothing’ structure, so crowdfunding creatives get to keep all of their donations (minus the 10% Boosted fee), whether they reach their target or not. Making now a great time to trial crowdfunding.


Instead of running standard one month campaigns for specific creative projects, artists can now:


Run their crowdfunding campaign for any time frame (from two hours for your live stream, to four weeks). Have the option to showcase their work via live steam at multiple times during their campaign, while they crowdfund.

Record their live stream for their audience to watch at a later date.


We’ll be pulling out all the stops to support artists’ campaigns and provide a great live streaming experience.


We know that for many artists, drumming up energy for a Boosted campaign isn’t a top priority. To make the process as easy as possible, we’re:


Upping our Boosted Team support for the next three months – giving artists tips and tools to live stream (alongside our usual one-on-one fundraising coaching). We’re putting our marketing know-how toward a national digital marketing campaign, rallying New Zealanders to get behind Boosted and support Aotearoa’s artists.


It’s about giving to get back. It’s about getting paid to play.



We’ll be sharing more on this over the next few weeks. But for now, save the date – and if you’re an artist, korero with our team about setting up your crowdfunding campaign or a live stream in time for launch night, Friday 24 April.


Nga mihi,

The Boosted whanau

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