NZ Art Show 2022 (28th February)

Deadline for applications: 28th February 2022.

Show: 3rd to 5th June 2022.

The NZ Art Show is a large-scale exhibition: all artists are allocated their own space including an artist name sign.

All art is sold through the NZ Art Show: artists receive payment, minus commission, after the show.

Cash-n-carry: as an artwork sells it is taken off the wall and replaced by another artwork, held in a storage area, by the same artist.

Large sculptures which cannot be moved easily and artwork by award finalists remain in place until the end of the show.

Exhibition fees: there are varying exhibition costs for all selected SAW and SOLO artists—details of costs are in the next section. Artists will be invoiced when they get selected.

Application fee: $30 – non refundable.

Variable costs: selected artists will have other costs to consider, like freight, wrapping materials, transport, and accommodation.

All fees are GST exclusive.

NZ Art Show retains 25% commission from each sale.

The sale price of each artwork must be no more than $5,000. Artists are asked to consider the median price of $700.

Size limit: your artwork must be no larger than the panels and/or plinth you have selected. If your works do not fit this size criteria please contact the Artist Liaison to discuss other options that might be available.

Each panel measures 1.2m (w) by 2.3m (h).

Plinths measure approx. 1m (h) x 60cm x 60cm top.

Large sculptures must be approved by the NZ Art Show to ensure they meet health and safety standards. These works must be delivered to the venue and installed by the artist and, after the show, collected by the artist who must also organise delivery to new owner.

Photography and prints: please read the guide on prints to ensure any prints you wish to exhibit fit our conditions.

All artworks that require electricity must be certified by an electrician, and tagged with an up-to-date testing tag.

Hanging system: a Velcro block hanging system is used to hang artworks at the show. These are available to be borrowed at the show by onsite artists, or onsite artists may provide their own if they wish.

All artists are invoiced their exhibition fees after the selection process. Participation is not confirmed until the invoice is paid in full.

Contact info:

04 387 4370

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