Sunday 1st October to Sunday 8th October

Call out to all Creators and Makers to put their hand up and be part of Colville’s Creators & Makers FESTIVAL & the Coromandel artbeat Spring Festival.
This is an opportunity for Creators & Makers to come together at the Colville Hall and show, sell, demonstrate and share their ideas and creative work. Anything goes – Painting, Potting, Beading, Baking, Sewing, Weaving, Woodwork – Art and Craft – all creations welcome.
It is the school holidays, plus the last weekend of the festival is Coromandel’s Open Studios, so hopefully there will be people around interested is doing, viewing, participating and purchasing.
There will be a variety of things for children and adults to create and make. A collection of art materials, plus stones, shells, feathers and magazines will be supplied for construction of art works.
A sewing machine, cotton, scissors, and fabric will be supplied and hopefully we will get people creating things…..
If you are interested in exhibiting some of your artwork, your creations please get in touch and book a space. Ask any questions. Anything goes, everything is welcome and everyone is invited to participate.
Please spread the word and tell people to get in touch and get involved this is an opportunity to show and sell some of you wonderful creations.
Contact Lena 021 174 9113 or email

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