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Hausmusik NZ presents “Cupid’s Arrows”

Baroque chamber music is not something music lovers get to appreciate on the Coromandel all that often so the upcoming performances by the renowned Hausmusik NZ are certain to be met with enthusiasm by fans of the genre and provide an exciting opportunity for discovery for those who have yet to sample this delightful experience.


Hausmusik – which literally translates as house music – refers to a performance in a boutique, intimate setting where a small audience is close to the musicians with a repertoire often designed specifically for those listeners and that particular venue. Churches, gardens, and even people’s living rooms can be used to host a concert and the atmosphere is friendly and social. Audience interaction with the musicians is encouraged as well as education about the music being performed.


In the baroque style, the number of musicians varies depending on the works to be played, and for the upcoming Coromandel concerts, the group’s Tairua-based music director, harpsichordist and mezzo, Rita Paczian, will be joined by founder and artistic director, oboist John Green and cellist and viola da gambist, Polly Sussex. Together, the trio will present “Cupid’s Arrows – Echoes of Love – Music from Bach to the Beatles” at Tairua Community Hall on December 21st and Whitianga Town Hall on December 22nd.


The sweet suffering caused by the arrows of Cupid, the god of love, has been a focus of both popular and

serious music for hundreds of years. Emotions expressed cover a wide range, including joy, sadness, grief,

anger and wistful nostalgia, but always the music is beautiful and heartfelt. In this concert Hausmusik NZ perform a variety of such music from both the baroque era and more recent years. The concert includes baroque love cantatas by Lignani and Aldrovandini, arias by Handel, Vivaldi and Mancini, and two Beatles songs. There will also be various instrumental works that reflect their composer’s love of different instruments and particular musical forms.


Rita Paczian  was born in Germany and studied music at Dortmund and Lübeck universities. Recognised in Germany as one of the outstanding young conductors of her generation, she was selected to participate in master classes with leading international conductors Leonard Bernstein, Helmuth Rilling, Odaline Martinez, Eric Ericson, Klaus-Peter Seibel, Richard Schumacher and Joshard Daus. From 1989 to 1991 she specialised in historically informed baroque and classical interpretation, working with the Viennese baroque orchestra, Wiener Akademie. Moving to New Zealand in 1996, she is known especially as an international conductor working with orchestras across New Zealand and throughout the world.


She has been the Music and Artistic Director of Bach Musica NZ for 25 years, building up what was an amateur society into one of the most highly acclaimed ensembles in New Zealand – for which she was named a finalist for the 2019 Women of Influence Awards, in the Arts and Culture category. She also founded the Opus Orchestra in Waikato in 2000 and was their Music Director until 2004.


The concert in Tairua starts at 7.30pm with a 5.00pm start for the Whitianga event. Tickets ($30) are available on the door and include complimentary wine and juice. Enquiries or booking can be made at or ph 021 0250 1480.

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