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Floyd Johnston

From Kuaotunu kid to Kick**s Creative

Floyd Johnston is a true-blue, young Coromandel local.  He grew up in Kuaotunu, attending Te Rerenga School and Mercury Bay Area School.  

He studied art and photography at high school, yet it wasn’t until he finished in 2017 that his creative education began to take shape.  Floyd chose not to leave his hometown for study elsewhere. Instead he’s been teaching himself photography and videography; steadily developing his skills, building his portfolio and launching his own business; FWJ Media.

The work started just over a year ago, with projects for family and friends. Word of mouth soon spread, and now he is commissioned for wedding photography and promotional and event videography around The Coromandel.


This year, Floyd will be filming local Tuia 250 activities for Mercury 250 Trust, including the Mercury Bay Art Escape Trust’s street art festival and Creative Mercury Bay’s one man show; Ka Tito Au, performed by Tola Newberry and written by Apirana Taylor.  Floyd is looking forward to delving into the meaning behind the projects and capturing the essence of the Tuia 250 commemorations as a visual legacy for future generations.


As a young artist, Floyd credits the Coromandel landscape and the people around him with nurturing and inspiring his artistic talent.  

“I’ve always been surrounded by creative people,” says Floyd. “There are so many great artists in the area.”


He mentions the support and influence of Kuaotunu sculptor Chris Charteris, as well as the Late Irene Thompson, a well-known wood carver from Whangapoua.  Starting a creative business from scratch is never easy and Floyd is especially grateful to his family – particularly his father Bruce Johnson – for the amount of effort and support given to help him pursue his passion.


As a young photographer, Floyd feels as though his generation offers a fresh perspective and also a high level of comfort with today’s changing technology and techniques.  Floyd and his photography represent an exciting new generation of Coromandel Creative. He is self-taught, self aware and deeply connected to the environment and people around him.


“I like capturing people’s emotions through the camera and I love the scenery of The Coromandel.  Most of my favourite shots are from around here.”


Floyd’s work sizzles with contemporary and exciting energy, yet his clear reverence for nature adds an element of timelessness. His images are an invitation – to see life through the lens of a young man who has been creatively nurtured by Coromandel land, sea and community.  It is certainly something worth seeing.



Check out Floyd’s work on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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