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Artful Performance Space

Coromandel Town’s Hauraki Reserve now has an artful performance place in its midst, and a place to honour and celebrate an iconic Coromandel creative, the Late Barry Brickell.


The Barry Brickell Memorial performance stage was completed and opened in July and now functions as a place for the Coromandel community to enjoy outdoor music, concerts and events in the park.


The stage’s distinctive design concept commissioned by the Driving Creek Arts and Conservation Trust to local artist John Madden, pays tribute to the signature motif Barry used on much of his pottery.  The stage has been designed in the shape of a cog wheel, with artistic detail embedded in the steps and the concrete base of the stage. The original artistic concept was realised by Thames-Based Architect Rob Johnston, and Driving Creek Railway’s Pete Sephton was involved with the finishing of the concrete work. Twelve small gauge train wheels donated by Driving Creek Railway have also been incorporated into the stage design. A shade sail suspended from four poles protects performers from the weather, whilst the stop bank adjacent provides a place for people to sit and enjoy outdoor performances in the park.


The project was a collaboration between the Coromandel-Colville Community Board and the Driving Creek Railway Arts and Conservation Trust.


Barry Brickell’s creative legacy will continue to be seen, heard and honoured in Coromandel, with the memorial stage providing a unique creative space for the entire community to enjoy.


Contact TCDC’s Coromandel Service Centre on 07 866 1001 for enquiries regarding booking the stage for performances.


Published 28 September 2018

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