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52 Springbok Avenue, Whitianga 3510, Waikato, New Zealand


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Peter Augustin was born an ‘artist’ into a family of artists and musicians in Slovenia. During his childhood he was an active painter following in the footsteps of his uncles. In his later teens, he moved to Switzerland where he lived for 35 years, exhibiting there and in other countries including, Holland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Russia.

His work reflects the passion and excitement of being an artist, it is symbolic, laden with colour and emotion. It is part of a larger context of culture and life rhythms of present and futures and lands travelled in. Pursuing his own unique artistic path, he hopes to push more boundaries and part with gifts inspiring response to colours, emotion, love and a positive contribution to people's lives.

His style of work has been described by gallerists as ‘lyrical Abstract’ which is connecting to his influencers, de Stael, Jawlensky, Dali, and Schiele. There are others, including the people around him. In New Zealand he is influenced by the vibrant colours of nature, amazing range of greens and blues, and the sea.

As of May 2021, living in Whitianga after living in Kapiti for thirteen years and two years in Wellington. He is an Elected Member of the Academy of Fine Arts, a member of Watercolour New Zealand, and a member of Printmakers Combined Coromandel.

His Studio/Gallery represents other artist work and is open by appointment, give him a call, or knock on the house door.
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52 Springbok Avenue, Whitianga 3510, Waikato, New Zealand

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