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Ian Preece




Ian specialises in photographing the natural environment of the Coromandel and runs on-location workshops demystifying the art and science of taking pictures.

Contact info:

NZ: +64 211347865 UK:+447788 404827

Coromandel People

Meet the people who make up the Coromandel Creative Sector.

Pippa Le Lievre

Pippa is a painter, watercolour & mixed-media artist in Kuaotunu.

Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence AKA The Rockin Realtor is a musician from Whitianga.

Howard Saunders

Howard Saunders is a poet in Hotwater Beach.

Katarina Lee

Katarina Lee is a childrens and young teen author in Kaimarama, Whitianga.

Kenzie Sampson

Kenzie is a visual artist based in Cooks Beach and founder of the Coromandel Gig Guide.

Pete Delete

Pete Delete is a poet and artist in Whenuakite

Lutz Gaebler

Lutz Gaebler is a mixed-media, pottery & sculpture artist in Kuaotunu.

Margherita Giampietri

Margherita Gimapietri is a painter and watercolour artist in Whitianga.

Meg Auth

Meg Auth is an art jeweller based in Hahei.

Dave Rhodes Productions

Dave Rhodes is a sound engineer and music producer in Whitianga.

Lisa Gifford

Lisa Gifford is a dancer and runs En Pointe Dance Studio in Whitianga.

Gerald (Jerry) Thoma

Jerry Thoma is a rock, folk, country musician in Hahei

Sarah Morcom

Sarah Morcom is an indie pop singer/songwriter from Purangi/Cooks Beach.

Soul Sax Plus

Soul Sax Plus is a jazz/soul/blues/reggae/Latin influenced duo from near Coroglen.

Ian Preece

Ian Preece is a photographer in Kuaotunu.

Natasha Courtney

Natasha Courtney is a woodworker in Hahei.

Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper is a designer of handcrafts in Thames.

Liz Hart

Liz Hart is a visual artist in Tairua.

Fatu Feu’u

Fatu Feu’u is a multimedia visual artist in Thames.

Jocelyn Pratt

Jocelyn Pratt is a sculptor in Thames.

Bernadette Ross

Bernadette Ross is a Mixed Flax and Fibre Artist in Whangamata.

Joanne Mahoney

Joanne Mahoney is a mixed media visual artist in Whangamata.

Shaun Fay

Shaun Fay is a writer and song writer in Whangamata.

Allan A Beaver

Allan Beaver is a Coromandel Town visual artist working in pastels and oils.

Coro Sonic Lab

Matt Sephton is a Sound Engineer in Coromandel.

Barbara von Seida

Barbara Von Seida is an acrylic & watercolour artist in Coromandel.

Amanda Ewing

Amanda Ewing is a Thames potter and ceramicist.

Heidi Turner

Heidi Turner is a mixed media artist and jeweller in Tairua.

Lynne Robinson

Lynne is a printmaking artist in Whangamata.

Deborah Hide-Bayne

Deborah Hide-Bayne is an artist, photographer and author in Coromandel.

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is a musician and music tutor in Thames.

Airdrie Hamilton

Airdrie Hamilton is a Mercury Bay visual artist.

Anne Bowden

Anne Bowden is a Mercury Bay mosaic artist.

Kate Ewing

Kate Ewing is a craft jeweller in Thames.

Raewyn Hildreth

Raewyn Hildreth is a flax weaver in Whitianga.

Deb Brock

Deb Brock is a Painter, Workshop Facilitator in Ruamahunga Bay, Thames Coast.

Gary Nevin

Gary Nevin is a ceramic artist in Whenuakite.

Julie Pijfers

Julie Pijfers is a Jeweller in Coromandel.

Kay Ogilvie

Kay Ogilvie is a Potter, Sculptor and Painter in Coromandel.

Linda Sampson

Linda Sampson is a Visual Artist in Coromandel.

Robyn Lewis

Robyn Lewis is a Potter/Textile Artist in Coromandel Town.

Sally Tennent-Brown

Sally Tennent-Brown is a Visual Artist in Coromandel.

Tim Aldrich

Tim Aldrich is a woodcarver/sculptor in Tairua.

Dessa Bluu

Dessa Bluu is a glass mosaic artist in Tairua.

Gretha Whyte

Gretha Whyte is a fibre artist in Opoutere.

Stephanie Parkyn

Stephanie Parkyn is a Writer and Visual Artist in Little Bay, Coromandel.

Raewyn Penrose

Raewyn Penrose is a Fibre Artist and Feltmaker in Coromandel.

Pam Mundell

Pam Mundell is a visual artist and lives in Whitianga.

Trevor Bayly

Trevor practices several genres of visual arts during Mercury Bay Art Escape Open Studios.

Wendy Walls

Wendy is a mixed media artist and art tutor in Whitianga.

Gaylene Lonergan

Gaylene Lonergan is a visual artist in Opito Bay.

Roger Harwood

Roger Harwood is a woodworker in Purangi.

Julie Burns-Nevin

Julie Burns-Nevin is a potter and also teaches harekeke weaving.

Jude Elliot

Jude Elliot is a clay artist and potter in Tairua.

Tina Carey

Tina is a painter and printmaker based in Pauanui.

Bob Drummond

Bob Drummond is a visual artist in Coromandel Town.

Lindsay Nicholls

Lindsay is a painter in Coromandel.

Paula McNeill

Paula McNeill is a visual artist in Tairua.

Diann Cade

Diann Cade is a Visual Artist in Coromandel.

Michael Smither

Michael D. Smither CNZM is the Coromandel Peninsula's most internationally known artist.

Ginney Deavoll

Ginney Deavoll is a visual artist in Hahei.

Kelly Harrison

Kelly Harrison is an artist in Coromandel Town creating authentic Toi Maori.

Paul & Kathy Heffernan

Paul & Kathy Heffernan make Whimsical & Wacky Ceramics in Thames.

Sally Samins

Sally is a visual artist in Hot Water Beach.

Souzie Speerstra

Souzie is a visualartist in Mercury Bay.

Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson is a Writer in Thames.

John Smith

JaM Soy wax Candles made by John Smith in Tairua.

Debbie Lim

Debbie Lim is a photographer in Whitianga.

Max Byrne

Max is a self taught photographer based in Pauanui.

Becs Wood

Becs Wood is a visual artist in Hahei.

Emma Mudgway

Emma Mudgway is a visual artist based in Cooks Beach.

Susan Dunster

Susan Dunster is a visual artist, painter and printmaker in Tairua.

Meghan Hawkes

Meghan Hawkes is a writer based in Thames.

Floyd Johnston

Floyd Johnston is a photographer/videographer in Kuaotunu.

Monique Rush

Acrylic painter of many subjects in realistic, Kiwiana and abstract.

Cherry Estcourt

Cherry is a weaver living in Whangamata, weaving conventional and freestyle fabrics.

Raewyn Helms-Davis

Raewyn Helms-Davis is a painter and portrait artist working from the Art Loft Studio in Whitianga.

Paul Schrader

Pauanui Photographer Paul Shrader specialises in landscape, long exposure, and astro photography.

Maureen Allison

Maureen Allison is a potter just out of Whangamata who specialises in wood firing.

Reina Cottier

Reina Cottier is a visual Artist who lives and creates in Tairua.

Felicity Witters

Felicity Witters is a professional photographer in Kuaotunu.

Sarah Alves

Sarah Alves is a self taught quilling artist, creating contemporary works, practicing the age-old art of quilling.

Jill Cameron

Jill Cameron is a landscape artist in Cooks Beach using watercolour, ink and acrylics.

Rachel Olsen

Rachel Olsen is a visual artist in the Cooks Beach area.

Andy Scholz

Andy is a photographer based on the Thames Coast.

Rebekah Pearson

Rebekah is an illustrator, painter and ceramic artist in Tuateawa.

Angelique Delano

Angelique Delano works in mixed media and printmaking.

Lynley Russek

Lynley is a qualified Open Floor International Dance Teacher in Thames.

Lisa Passmore

Lisa is a raranga weaver in Waihi.

Erica Lyons

Erica Lyons is a digital artist from Coromandel town.

Elizabeth Mather

Elizabeth Mather is a Photographic Artist in Coromandel Town.

Leanne Adams

Leanne Adams is a contemporary abstract artist in Whitianga.

Christine Hatton

Christine is a Sculptor based at Sailors Grave specialising in stone and wood.

Alan & Julia Rhodes

Alan and Julia Rhodes make stoneware pottery at Whenuakite.

Annie Smits Sandano

Annie Smits Sandano is a mixed media artist in Hahei/Cooks Beach.

Betty Collings

Betty Collings is a ceramics and sculpture artist in Hahei.

Colin Verner

Colin Verner is a wood and ceramic artist in Kuaotunu.

Kay de Blaauw

Kay de Blaauw is a contemporary mixed-media artist from Cooks Beach.

Michaela Palacios

Michaela Palacois is a lampworked glasswork artist in Kuaotunu.

Peter Matai Johnston

Peter Matai Johnston is a textiles and mixed-media artist in Wharekaho.

Roimata Taimana

Roimata Taimana is a fine ink artist in Kuaotunu.

Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon is a painter in Ferry Landing.

Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright is a photographer, pastel artist and printmaker in Whitianga.

Vanessa McKay

Vanessa McKay is a Pottery Artist in Coroglen.

Warwick Lidgard

Warwick Lidgard is a painter in Rings Beach.

Debbie Emslie

Debbie Emslie is a watercolour & pastel artist in Tairua.

Michael Harrison

Michael is a painter, watercolour & mixed-media artist in Tairua.

Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker is a mixed-media & photography artist in Tairua.

Gemma Louden

Gemma Louden is a singer/songwriter from Te Kouma Bay, Coromandel.

Lets Go Descarrego!

Let's Go Descarrego! are an acoustic folk punk duo in Whitianga.

Stewart Pedley

Stewart Pedley is a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer in Whitianga.

Crimson Coast

Crimson Coast are a melodic rock band from Thames.

Andy Santos

Andy Santos is a jazz guitarist in Wharekaho/Simpson's Beach.

Fabian Roberts

Fabian Roberts is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter in Whitianga.


RELAPSE Band is a musical theatre/originals/dance group in Kuaotunu.


Retrowhiti are a pop/rock/folk/reggae duo in Whitianga.

Yvette Audain

Yvette Audain is a musician, composer & tutor in Whitianga.

Peter Plumb

Peter Plumb is a Master Carver of Pounamu in Thames.