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Fundamentals of Practical Glaze Chemistry (cone 6-10)


Oct 21

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2024-10-21 2024-10-25 Fundamentals of Practical Glaze Chemistry (cone 6-10)
This 5-day fundamentals of practical glaze chemistry course is perfect for potters who want to start mixing their own glazes, as well as for those with basic knowledge and experience who want to expand their skills. Learn what it means for a glaze to be good, stable, and durable. Focus your glaze exploration towards more successful results and confidence in identifying and dealing with issues. This course is tutored by Ronald Boersen who will guide you through ways of understanding and exploring glazes and show you how to put theory into practice, explore efficient testing methods, and review the fired results. The course days run from 11am to 4pm (approx.). The course outline is: Day 1: Building a foundation
  • What actually makes a glaze? 
  • What makes a glaze stable, durable, and good?
Day 2: Materials and practice
  • Substitutions and unavailable materials 
  • Strategies for controlling the chemistry 
Day 3: Designing a glaze and glaze tests
  • Mapping glaze effects 
  • How to build on existing glazes 
Day 4: Practice and testing Day 5: Review
  • Discussing test results: colour response, texture, and melt
  • Q&A
Participants are asked to bring:
  • Their own laptops/tablets 
  • PPE for mixing glazes 
  • 15 bisqued glaze test tiles in a light/buff clay
  • 5 bisqued test tiles in a clay of your choice 
If you are unable to bring your own PPE or bisque tiles, please contact us so we can organise them for you. All the test tiles can be provided at an additional cost of $25 per person. We provide all of the materials for glaze tests  as part of the course. Glaze tests will be fired as part of the course (limited to cone 6 neutral).

Participating Companies

Driving Creek Railway and Potteries

Coromandel Town, Coromandel-Colville

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21 Oct 2024 - 25 Oct 2024
11:00 AM GMT +12:00
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