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1164 Colville Road, Amodeo Bay 3584, Waikato, New Zealand

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Donna Scatchard began painting with acrylics on canvas around 18 years ago during her time teaching Art at Matamata College. Previously, she worked with textiles, namely: batik and silk painting. She has entered the World of Wearable Arts on three occasions.


Donna's first series of paintings was motivated by the wearable arts experience. She explored ideas from the past, present and future using the mannequin amongst other symbols to represent what she was trying to say. Each painting leading onto the next, a bit like chapters in a book.

Different times in life though lead to different books being written and Donna realised it was time to tell another story.  She started by painting small vintage type pieces using precious objects gathered over time such as old cups, lace cloth, jewellery, books, with butterflies and fantails to name a few.  After moving to the Coromandel, her attention was drawn to the sea.  Donna realised she could tell more stories by incorporating the old things of the past with the sea and a new journey has begun.

Presently, Donna is working on a few pieces exploring submerged rocks, abandoned piano keyboards, different moods of the sea and sky but keeping the symbols, in place in order for the story to be told.

You can view some of Donna's artwork at Gallery Six in Coromandel Town.

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1164 Colville Road, Amodeo Bay 3584, Waikato, New Zealand