Deborah Hide-Bayne

Coromandel, Coromandel-Colville

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Artist: Visual artist, photographer, writer.

Deborah Hide-Bayne is a Coromandel town-based fine artist who graduating from Central St. Martins School of Art and Design, London, U.K., with a B.A. (Hons 2.1) in Fine Art Printmaking. She emigrated to New Zealand in 2003 and has exhibited over the last 20+ years in the UK, Europe, and New Zealand, in addition, she has received several awards and residencies.

Deborah takes inspiration and responds to the stunning natural environment around her. Her mentor was New Zealand sculptor, jeweller, and carver Chris Charteris during the 2020 pARTner Up mentoring programme. “Chris is a friendly and unassuming person and has been so generous with his time and advice,” Deborah says. “I feel so much gratitude that 2020 was a positive year for me and that I was part of this programme.”

Deborah has worked in the past as a graphic designer, illustrator, and curator, but pARTner Up allowed her to go back to her first love, making art, and concentrate on it.  

“Artists have traditionally used pencil marks and brush strokes to convey emotion, movement or conceptual ideas. I contrast this personal mark-making with volatile chemical reactions that leave their residue and colour on the painting’s surface. Using self-made mediums and varnishes, I create works that are both intentional and unintentional.”

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