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Brooke Dennehy Lakin

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Brooke Dennehy Lakin is a writer, musician, performer, playwright and tutor. She is inspired to help re-enchant our culture through stories and songs which encourage us to see that the Earth as the magical place it truly is. Working with children, nature, music, cultural rituals and seasonal celebrations brings meaning and harmony to her life, and it is in these realms that Brooke chooses to develop her skills and share her creative gifts.

Check out Brooke’s latest project Little Cloud and the Rain Song. It's a children's story that she wrote and has now recorded as an Audiobook which is available online here. There is a 50c donation to the Colville Project and 50c to Moehau Music for each purchase to give back to the Coro community as well.

Contact for any projects of interest, or for further information regarding music tutoring.


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Brooke Dennehy Lakin