Briar van Dort


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Briar van Dort is a talented harakeke (flax) weaver and artist. She creates with natural mixed mediums in the northern Coromandel, New Zealand.

Briar says, “I love creating with natural materials. There is always something new to discover. Simple projects bring a meditative feeling and complex projects continually challenge and expand my learning.

Weaving is something you can do anywhere, without complex tools or canvasses. My weaving journey started in 2001 supported and inspired by my teachers.

I grew up in the small Colville community nestled under the maunga Moehau and I have always been captivated while fossicking in nature. Creativity is part of our family, our children have grown up understanding the importance of tikanga around weaving, and the joy of making things by hand.

Each piece holds a story carrying the special nature of where they have come from.”