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103 Leighton Road, Whangamatā 3620, Waikato, New Zealand


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Merel van den Nieuwenhuizen is a Dutchie living in Whangamatā and the owner of Birdy Design. 

She specialises in botanical, nature, wildlife murals - custom made to fit your wishes. The designs she create are made on a range of different products, from paper to concrete and anything in between.

Even though we live in a time where we can't live without our phones, computers and digital programs, a lot of people still love the authentic feel of hand drawn illustrations. And what better way is there to make a statement on your wall in the office or home? The murals Birdy makes are unique, one of a kind and custom made for the space.

If you are looking for a specific design for a logo, illustration or to give your item a personal touch, contact Birdy.

Private or group workshops are also available for booking.
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103 Leighton Road, Whangamatā 3620, Waikato, New Zealand