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Hahei, Mercury Bay

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I mostly use Biro Pen and pencil for my drawings, complementing certain parts with a splash of watercolour paint.

Drawing is such an accessible form of art- I love how I can just grab a pen and paper and take it anywhere. I am influenced heavily by the beautiful places that I live on or have had the joy of visiting, many of my images feature my favourite places and this gives me a really good excuse to take frequent ‘inspiration’ road trips.

Luckily in my day job as a physiotherapist I travel great distances; mostly in the Coromandel and have time to form my next piece in my head as I go.

I enjoy tapping into the culture, people and activities of the places I visit and also have an interest in cartography and geography and often use a map to plan out the composition of a drawing.

I seek to portray the world through my eyes that I cannot quite capture with my mediocre photography skill – By this I mean to recreate the feel of the place that I draw, I do however tend to draw how I would like to see things.

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