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Alan Rhodes Pottery

Whenuakite, Mercury Bay

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Alan Rhodes Pottery is run by Alan and Julia Rhodes, full time craft potters who have been potting for 50 years!

Alan specialises in working with high-fired stoneware clay, which is dug and processed from their property at Whenuakite. He makes domestic ware and uses glazes of various blues, greens, reds and white, drawing inspiration from the natural environment.

“My pots are fired to 1300 degrees centigrade, so they are extremely durable and are pieces of art that can be used and appreciated everyday. There is nothing I do that is more rewarding than making domestic stoneware pottery from our unique Coromandel clay.”

The Potters Vacation

Alan Rhodes Pottery also offers The Potters Vacation - a unique homestay suitable for mid-level - experienced potters/ceramicists. The Potters Vacation includes accommodation, meals & unlimited use of the pottery workshop. For more info, check out this fact sheet and/or contact them on The Potters Vacation is not a pottery class/workshop, but an opportunity to create in a unique environment with guidance and exchanging ideas.
Whenuakite, Mercury Bay

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Alan & Julia Rhodes
Alan & Julia Rhodes

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