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A Winter Visit

The Coromandel has long been known and loved for its golden beaches, its lush native forest and its laid back summer vibe.  It is also increasingly becoming known as a thriving hub of creativity?  


There is now an abundance of artists, artisans, makers and creators who are choosing to live, work and create in the The Coromandel, drawing inspiration from the astounding natural environment, the small, connected communities and the easy proximity to major centres.  This has made The Coromandel a vibrant visitor destination for those who like to experience art and culture.  


There are many creative activities for visitors to enjoy; from arts trails and fairs to live theatre, comedy and performances, to bands, gigs and festivals.  You can even make a weekend of it and sign up to one of several hosted workshops where you can learn from an expert and enjoy the natural beauty of the region at the same time.


If you are visiting The Coromandel this winter and you enjoy visual arts, don’t miss the Mercury Bay Art Escape’s annual fair, held in July in Whitianga.  The Coromandel Peninsula Arts and Craft Fair showcases quality handmade Arts and Crafts  produced in the Coromandel Peninsula. The Fair is for one day only and is an excellent opportunity to purchase work directly from talented and enthusiastic Coromandel artisans and artists. 


For a taste of wonder, stories and light, the Illume Fest held in Coromandel Town on 13-14 July will inspire and delight.  The festival is a free family event, with live music, projections, street performers, lights, great food, fun and laughter.  It is a winter vision of creativity and well worth a weekend visit.


For fans of theatre, Michael Hurst performs No Holds Bard in Whitianga and Coromandel Town in August.  No Holds Bard is described as a glorious tour de force in which 4 of Shakespeare’s creations (a foul mouthed Macbeth, a confused Hamlet, a know it all Othello and a really hungry King Lear) come kicking and screaming into the bursting deranged brain of a single man.


For more inspiration for your arty winter getaway to The Coromandel, check out the Arts Trail itinerary on


Article Published 3 July 2018

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